Podcast Episode 23 – Temper Soho Sunday Lunch Review

We visited Temper for Sunday lunch and came away very disappointed. Click the link below to find out why!

In short, we were way understaffed for the number that we were, the food was cold and the vegetable portions were miserly. for £20, there are so many better places for Sunday lunch.



Podcast Episode 22 – Plaquemine Lock Islington Review

Please click below to listen to my Plaquemine Lock Islington Review

I have mixed feelings about Plaquemine Lock. I like the idea of Creole & Cajun food but I found the implementation rather hit & miss. Some of the food was really great, others didn’t deliver, either on taste, but mostly on value. The cocktails were very good, and pretty good value. Pictures below, and if you have any thoughts please let me know on the form at the bottom.


Podcast Episode 21 – Wayne Mueller @ Blues Kitchen Brixton

Please click below for my Wayne Mueller at Blues Kitchen Review.

Blues Kitchen may be the restaurant I’ve been to most in London. I was a regular for lunch when I worked near one, and I really rate a lot of their food. I jumped at the chance to visit the Brixton Branch for a very special night on the 27th April 2017. Wayne Mueller of legendary Central Texas barbecue joint Louis Mueller Barbecue was doing a one night only cook. Wish I’d taken more pictures, but I was far too busy eating!



Podcast Episode 20 – Zala Camden Market

Click below to hear my review of Zala Camden Market

I enjoyed the meal at 50% 0ff, but I’m not sure I’d visit again, what with the cheer choice of places nearby. The food good, but a little expensive. Bear in mind I live locally, and I’m sure most of the clientele will be tourists browsing the market. The 50% off soft launch is on until Wednesday 26th April

Pictures are below, and please let me know what you think via the contact form below that.




Podcast Episode 19 – Yauatcha Liverpool Street Supreme Saturday Review

Click below for my review of the Supreme Saturday deal at Yauatcha Liverpool Street!

I heartily recommend this deal. At £52, it’s not cheap, but the quality of the food, drink and service make it worthwhile. The dim sum starters and the desserts were the star of the show, closely followed by the Cocktails

Pictures are below, please let me know what you think by using the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Podcast Episode 18 – Dirty Bones Soho Review

Click below for the Podcast reviewing the Dirty Bones Soho Soft Launch review!

I thought this place was pretty good. Certainly worth a visit on the soft launch which is running until Friday 28th April. I recommend the Crispy Lamb Fries for sure. Really nice decor, good (rap) music playing at a good volume, and friendly service.


Pictures are below, please let me know what you think in the comments section at the bottom.

Podcast Episode 17 – Patty & Bun Notting Hill

Press play below to hear my review of the new opening in Notting Hill – Patty & Bun!

I really like Patty & Bun. I’m a regular visitor to the James Street branch and have had some great meals there. The Notting Hill venue is very much in the same vein, similar vibe, and the music is just as good. The burger is big, well cooked and very juicy. It would be nicer if the beers were better value, but aside from that I don’t have many complaints.


Podcast Episode 16 – Holy Smoke

Press Play to listen to my podcast review of Holy Smoke

I’ve been to Holy Smoke quite a few times and I really like it. If it weren’t the opposite end of London I think I’d eat there once a month. I have had some truly spectacular meals here in the past. This time wasn’t up to those unfortunately, but having spoken to friends who have also been recently, I think it must have just been a bad day.

All the same, I recommend Holy Smoke as worth a special visit. Cameron is an excellent host, and his friendliness and knowledge makes a trip there worth it by itself!

NB: I think in the Podcast I mentioned a baby squid salad, but it was in fact a baby cuttlefish salad – my mistake!

Podcast Episode 15 – MEATLiquor Islington

I’m on the MEATLiquor mailing list and got a code for 50% off food today. The code is valid until the end of today, so get on it!

Great value for money at 50% off, and worth it at full price. I’ll go again if I’m in the area for sure.

A few pictures here, love the decor!

Podcast Episode 14 – Tamarind Kitchen Soft Launch

Tamarind Kitchen is the new eatery from the Tamarind Collection. It is on Wardour Street in London and offers a more relaxed dining experience than the other restaurants in the group.

Listen to my review here!


I liked the food a lot, especially the Fish Curry, the Chicken Tikka Masala and all the lamb dishes. It is quite expensive, and while a great deal at half price, I would struggle to justify a trip at full price.

Pictures below – check out the amazing table and the desserts!

The opening of the Chocolate Bomb